I miss you more than I though I would and
I didn't say bye but I still wish I could
I want to kiss you but my brain says I can't
and I want to stay good
But I can't erase your face from my childhood
because out of every one you understood
why I loved you
why I loved you
why I loved you
why I loved you

And I love the way you twirl in that dress
as I'm watching you undress my heart is racing
but you, you wanted to go with no one to know where did you go

Despite all our differences I learned to move on
I still think about you from time to time
wondering how it would be if you were still here
but I had to let go and I had to move on from the past because
that was then and this is now.


from That Was Then. This is Now., released June 7, 2016




Ranferi Riverside, California

We write songs about things that don't exist and things that do exist.

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